destined to be a woman

Sheridan 2022-11-20 06:50:14

I have always admired the French attitude towards love and sex, and I have a lot of envy in my heart, even though I am just a traditional Chinese woman.
When I saw the male protagonist flirting with the female staff at the telephone office, I vaguely felt the so-called third-party story that happened later. They strolled on the sunny French streets, and when the woman imagined the intertwined picture of the two, I felt a touch of joy in my heart, after all, love is not sinful. When you have the feeling of love, at least try to pursue it. Women tend to be weaker at this point. However, French women gave me a lot of different moving. They love themselves, and even if they hurt to the core, they show an elegant and confident side.
Looking down, I can't help worrying about the hero in my heart. What will happen in the end? I really can't guess...
When the family went out to play in the woods, the wife asked her husband with her female intuition if he loved someone else. The man said sweetly, yes, and he was the happiest and most loving wife for a while now. The wife was just lost for a moment, and instead said that she was happier than before because her husband was happier. This is really something I didn't expect. As a woman, no woman will be happy to share with anyone. If yes, it will not be sincere. Although French women are free and easy, they will never wrong themselves. After that, sure enough...
committing suicide, stubbornly choosing.
Such an outcome is doomed to a woman's fate.
French women don't cry or make trouble, they just choose an elegant and persistent way...

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