flawed happiness

Adam 2022-10-07 15:14:44

When eating, open Sohu Video. See the section of director Varda, in the list of many movies, click on the movie happiness. While eating, I watched. The narration of the film is natural and smooth, with bright pictures and lively music. Here, the main theme is joy, cheerfulness, and peace. There is no sadness, grief, quarrel, gloom, those negative emotions. Consistently, it is warm, love, and overflowing with happiness. The picture of this family of four, warm and loving, blows across the face, feeling and giggling without consciously knowing it. You will envy this loving life. Who would have thought of such love, but derailed. The protagonist falls in love with another woman. After hearing the truth from her husband, the wife chose to commit suicide by jumping into the lake without warning.

Although there have been variations, the main theme of the film has not changed. The film did not use too many shots to show the tragedy and its impact, but ignored it and took it lightly. Immediately afterwards, a third person took over the position of his wife. With the children, a family of four, they live happily together again. However, these happy images, and the accompanying, less brisk, punchy and powerful soundtrack, seem so strange and incongruous.

In the name of happiness, the film looked really happy when the tragedy did not happen, but after the tragedy, there is no such happiness. The film, however, still blindly presents those joyful, happy side. As if the tragedy never happened, which is incomprehensible to the film. At the beginning of the film, there is an image of sunflowers. Do you have to live like sunflowers, with a warm heart and ignoring sadness?

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