It is impossible to indulge in the blessings of all people

Raul 2022-10-05 11:30:11

His wife gave him the warmth and stability of his home, and his lover gave him a sense of freshness and excitement. The male protagonist enjoys the blessings of Qi people, so he is happy. But this threesome is unstable. When the male protagonist tells his lover that his wife is good and loves his wife, the lover's expression is a bit subtle and reluctant; when he talks to his wife about his lover, the wife can't accept it. I don't know how to say the male protagonist, this kind of honesty is obviously just wishful thinking, after all, he is the beneficiary. He also delusions that everyone is happy together, but love is jealous and exclusive. If his wife told him how she was with another man, he would definitely not accept it. In the end, the lover took the place of the wife, but in the end, his life has not changed at all! He was still doing his old job, his lover was still doing his wife's work, the family was still playing in the forest, the car was still the same, and the bed he slept on at night had not changed. After tossing around, it's still the same life as before, it's just a different person.

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Le Bonheur quotes

  • Émilie Savignard: Now I'm here. I'm myself, I mean.

    François Chevalier: I like that about you. And it's the same for me. I can't say I'm different since I met you. On the contrary, I'm even more myself.

  • François Chevalier: You know, I met my wife when I was in the service. It was love at first sight. We married when I got out. Had I met you first, I'd live with you.