Vi er enten i krig eller forbereder oss til krig

Rahul 2022-09-17 20:43:00

The ruthlessness of war and the truth of human nature are well demonstrated in the play "War on Heavy Water". The film has put a lot of effort into character characterization. Whether it is those soldiers or scientists who are fighting on the front line, or ordinary servant families, everyone has unique experiences and distinct personalities. They gave the whole story authenticity and appeal, and they turned the heart of the war back to "humans" themselves.

I always feel that human beings are either in war or on the way to prepare for war. Either to violate them, or to protect themselves. There are thousands of causes of war, but the result of war is always the only one.

After the film ended, there was still an indescribable suffocation in the air. In my dream last night, I vaguely saw the burning piano...

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