world at war

Bartholome 2022-09-17 21:13:18

World War II was the largest, most destructive and most destructive global war waged by human society to date. The lights that came on after the exercise also heralded the official start of the battle of heavy water.

It's war, but it's not just war.

Norwegian scientist Leif Tronstad told his students in class that your choices today could be history a hundred years from now. In the era of war, the most important thing is no longer the atoms and molecules and various reactions on the blackboard. How to maintain national peace and how to choose the next path may be more important, because these choices may involve countless numbers. Casualties and Tragedy.

War is cruel, but succumbing to cruelty is a betrayal of the nation and humanity. Norwegian scientists chose to refuse to cooperate with Germany. The lack of key raw materials has delayed the process of making nuclear weapons in Germany. As he said, this choice ultimately means the defeat of German fascism, and it avoids the failure of fascism in Europe and even on a larger scale. disaster.

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