Humanism in war is crucified

Kailyn 2022-09-21 13:34:05

Signes lekse

As the title says, there is no humanitarianism in war. Every shot of artillery strikes the morality that has been shaped by mankind for thousands of years, and every time the trigger is pulled, it destroys the so-called order of human society.

Individuals are very weak in the face of war. Even a famous physicist like Heisenberg would still be arrested by the Nazis and then study for the German army against his will. All he can do is to tell the German army the wrong experimental data and delay the manufacturing process of the atomic bomb.

Civilians will always be the biggest victims of war. The mother, with her brightly dressed daughter, boarded a cruise to Germany without knowing it. What awaited them was the explosion in the center of the lake, and watching the cruise ship sink to the bottom of the lake a little bit but couldn't save itself. Before the operation, even if some people objected to the blasting for "humanitarian" reasons, there is no humanitarianism in wartime. All are sacrificed if necessary. Life is a supreme treasure shining with infinite brilliance, but it can only end silently in the cold sea water.

Humanism in war was nailed to the cross. Everyone pinned their hopes on humanitarianism and the remnants of conscience and goodwill, but they could only be nailed to the cross. War itself is inhumane, no matter how many tough, political excuses there are.

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