We will also become the history of the future

Anabel 2022-10-25 20:38:47

After watching this drama, I have been thinking about what the war is for after all. A world war has brought together many talented people in different fields, and these people can clearly create a better social environment through their efforts and their strength, not to start wars or intensify wars, not to hurt them. more life. Just like Heisenberg in the play, the scientist who has been building atomic bombs for Germany, has he tried his best to make atomic bombs? My answer is that he has all the lessons he has learned in his life to do it, but in the face of war, I think he hesitated. As a scientist, I believe he understands better than anyone that once the atomic bomb is used in war, its destructive power is immeasurable. Of course, the story behind the Heisenberg mystery still needs to be explored.

War is cruel after all, and the cruelty of war can never be separated from the indifference of people's hearts. When the war was about to break out, those German guards broke into their homes indiscriminately to arrest people without even explaining them; and when training of troops in various fields, the training of each soldier was not only cruel, more than It's not strict, every soldier goes to protect their home and country with a sincere heart. In fact, their original intention is only to have a good living condition for themselves and their families, but the indifference of war will eventually make these hearts cherished. Hot-blooded people forget.

It is mentioned in the play that the choices made today will be history in a hundred years, and those of us who watch the film are those who are looking back on this history. I hope that we will take history as a mirror and take every step forward. After all, we will eventually become history in the future.

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