How the ultimate otaku went from a dragon slayer to a dragon

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Spanish movies have always been relatively unpopular, even in the field of European literary films, they are relatively marginal, and they are even more eclipsed by the fanatical Latin American films of their former colonies. Not only the three outstanding Mexican directors who have almost monopolized the Oscars in the past ten years, but also a large number of Oscar-winning foreign language film-level directors such as "Mysterious Eye", "City of God", "Elite Force" and "Central Station" in South America. Excellent work, even the Spanish language of Netflix in the field of TV series is aimed at the big drug lords in Latin America.

However, Spanish films have demonstrated their strength through a series of low-budget sci-fi horror films with good reputation Guest, and this horror-ethical "Shrew's Den."

Different from the American B-level film that made death plasma, this film starts from life ethics and daily details to construct a heart-shaking horror among the three characters in an apartment.

The mother died early, the father's whereabouts are unknown, and the neurotic sister who suffers from agoraphobia and the more normal sister who just turned 18 depend on each other. The elder sister feeds the two sisters by sewing clothes at home. After the younger sister works, she begins a youthful love affair. The elder sister is extremely afraid of this, for fear that the younger sister will stay away from her. At this time, a handsome young man broke the repressed life of the sisters.

In the first half of the film, a large number of life-like details are described, reflecting the undercurrents of this sister family's usual repressed life.

When sewing clothes for clients, my sister was weak and pitiful;

The high-pressure corporal punishment after finding out that her sister is in love outside, her sister is so controlling that it is almost perverted;

Religious icons can be seen everywhere, father dialogues appear from time to time, and my sister has long been psychologically blackened in her fanatical religious piety.

Therefore, when my sister's humble admiration and possessiveness exploded when she had to take care of the young man Carlos in a kidnapping style, all the undercurrents that suppressed the family broke out, and the hidden sins of the family's past also surfaced.

The first half of the film is much like Roman Polanski's earlier films, "Rosemary's Baby," "The Tenant," and "Cold In Cold Blood," with an atmosphere of old European life horror. Different from the Japanese horror movie ghosts absorbing people's hearts, and also different from the American-style blood-spraying sensory horror, the old European horror movies show the loneliness and alienation of human psychology after the urbanization of the industrial revolution, and the horror of human despair after the two world wars. , coupled with the religious redemption of the West since ancient times, it gives people a completely different feeling and at the same time has a psychological resonance somewhere.

The plasma in the second half is a complete release of the suppressed emotions in the first half, a perfect link between how the victim turns into the perpetrator and how the dragon slayer turns into a dragon. The complete closing of the door at the end of the movie shows that this cycle still exists. continuing.

Finally, regarding the time of the film's story, I think it should be in the 1950s. There are two proofs. One is that the characters in the film are dressed in police detective uniforms, which obviously have the style of the movie "The Godfather", which should be in the 1950s and 1960s; The war that happened was also the civil war from 1936 to 1939. At that time, my sister was three or four years old and could not remember anything. When my sister was 18 years old, the story happened in the fifties more than ten years later.

Knowing the age of the story, all the elements in the movie have different metaphors. The mother who died prematurely is a metaphor for the Spanish Republic that died before the civil war. The father’s bestiality represents the brutal Spanish Civil War. Later, the elder sister’s high-pressure raising of the younger sister is a metaphor for Franco’s dictatorship. Later, the intervention of foreign men and the resistance of the younger sister are a metaphor for Francis. The overthrow of the Lango dictatorship and the closing of the last door again means the confusion and disorientation of modern Western civilization. Of course this is a personal over-interpretation.

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