If only there were no traumatic brains

Theron 2022-07-18 21:57:53

Psychological trauma is nearly impossible to heal and you will be haunted for a lifelong time. You will feel threatened and insecure. You can not calm down until you isolated yourself in your place. Actually it is no harm to stay alone. However, for people without insecurities, they will feel relived until they take his or her pitiful relationship totally under control. They will resort to every conceivable and mean trick including abusing, hypocritical lies to have absolute command over others. In this way they can pretend to live a normal life and deceive himself as well as others. But when the mask of hypocrisy is torn off the life-death struggle will occur. A person can be tolerated because he can't choose his own destiny. However a dictator who dominates people with totalitarianism is different.They are also lack of confidence and without security and they rule people with big lies. Whereas they are born to be a devil. If the dictator show you a pitiful picture please remember they are hoping for your sympathy through “positive energy” which will further control you.

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