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Aubree 2022-07-18 19:34:47

1. The father's strong love for his mother has turned into a strong desire for control over his sister. From a perverted point of view, he is afraid that his sister will leave him, and the elder sister later has a strong desire to control the "sister". The helplessness that has been controlled since then turned into the control of his sister. In addition, for a mother like her, he really does not trust men and is afraid that her daughter will be hurt.

2. Hateful people must also have pity. My sister's acting skills are really great. She has been under the shadow of her father. She suffered so much humiliation without breaking out. However, she killed her father for her sister's sake, and finally killed so many people. The little girl, she never revealed her sister's life experience from beginning to end, she just loves her pervertedly and twistedly; many people criticize her sister, but from another perspective, she is a replica of her sister, who is under the control of her sister. It never broke out. She killed her sister until so many people died in the end. It was like reincarnation. They would never get out of this imprisonment. Some people said why her sister never called the police. She also has love, and secondly, she has become accustomed to such a life and pattern in her heart, and it is as difficult for her to step out suddenly as for her sister to walk out the door.

3. The last scene really shocked me. I thought my sister would be with a scumbag, but she chose the same path as her sister, "protecting" the house, covering up everything in this house, like a shrew Alive, 18 years of life, although she has everything that seems to be the same as normal people, but the seeds that this family has planted in her heart have been quietly sprouting, and she will never be like ordinary people. This scene is worth a movie One more star.

Movies like Spain are really good at portraying people's psychology. Music and vision are actually secondary, allowing you to understand the characters from a little detail.

It's all nonsense, everyone spit it out ?

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