Adequate reasoning, logically retarded

Levi 2022-07-18 22:11:14

After searching for a long time, I realized that the title of the film "Musarañas" probably means shrew, and how it was translated into a shrew's lair, I still don't quite understand the meaning. I think it reflects Meng Qian's characteristic of closing herself in her own world, seemingly weak but actually poisonous. Still, I think the name is much better than "Shrew". Because I don't think Meng Qian is actually a bitch.

There are a lot of movies that talk about excessive love becoming bondage, and doing a lot of scary things in the name of love is not new, and there is nothing to say about it. But from the point of view of the story, it is full of logically incomprehensible places, which makes me feel that no matter what the film wants to express, it is a bit difficult to read. A strange man fell on the bed with a broken leg, and he had a fatal attraction to the two sisters; the sister was determined to hurt her, but she was unwilling to call the police; a seamstress who was at home all day, turned into He became a super killer and killed two people with two sweater needles; he killed Eliza by dismembering her body in her tailor's room and making the body into a hanger, so the guests could see it as soon as they came...

These logically mentally retarded places tugged at me all the time, making me feel that more of my attention was drawn to them, but I lost my sense of the ideas that the film wanted to express.

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