The misfortune of the family of origin will accompany a lifetime

Alvera 2022-11-21 12:21:03

The heroine is pitiful and hateful. The home she tried so hard to protect has long since fallen apart. Her cherished sister was actually born after her father had an incest with her. In order to protect her daughter, she could only choose to kill her father and hide her corpse at home. Then she went mad, and the home she was desperately trying to protect became a morgue. Sometimes she is sober, sometimes mad, her eyes are sunken, she bites her fingers nervously, and she has strict control over everything about her daughter. When her daughter has a "suspected" boyfriend, she slaps her directly, which reminds me of many Chinese parents. The same is true, love is naturally love, but many times this kind of love is very heavy, suffocating, and makes people breathless, so the daughter always resists the constraints of the heroine in various ways. Sadly, this neurotic mother has already killed her crazy by the end of the movie, but she still has a protective heart for her daughter, the daughter stabbed her with a knife, she begged softly not to kill her, I cried when I saw this, Although she was close to losing her mind, she had not forgotten to leave a trace of tenderness to her daughter. There was another time when I cried while watching, when the heroine explained her father's bestiality to her. It can be said that the heroine itself is a tragedy. Her life has been hell since the death of her mother. She gave birth to her daughter with shame and guilt, but also wants to protect her daughter, and carefully protects her own territory in her own way. The influence of her father on her is like a shadow. Although her father is dead, the illusion of her father always appears from time to time, always with a stern face and sarcastic language. Obviously, in the original family, the heroine did not get too much warmth. The statement said that my father's temperament changed greatly due to the death of my mother. In fact, I would rather believe that my father was actually like this from beginning to end. Instead of encouraging encouragement, he always poured cold water on him. He is very similar to many "strict" parents in China. , the misfortune of the original family and childhood will take a lifetime to heal, and the heroine does spend her life wandering in the tragedy of life. The daughter also became a "shrew" after learning the truth. After helping the male protagonist escape from the nest, she chose to close the door covered in blood and returned to the nest.

The incomprehensible thing in the movie is that the love between the heroine, the heroine's sister, and the hero's love came too suddenly. Even though the heroine's sister still has an ambiguous object, she also has a secret desire for the hero, while the hero has The fiancee who is about to get married is pregnant, and she is not shy about meeting the heroine's sister for the first time and the second time, showing intimacy. After the two successfully escaped, they kissed directly. I don't understand this way of expressing joy very well. Could it be that Spanish people are more romantic and free? Also, why does my sister always let the male protagonist leave on her own? She should have called the police long ago. Obviously, the male protagonist has a lame leg. How can she escape alone under the surveillance of the female protagonist?

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