bloody enough

Anabelle 2022-07-09 17:47:39

I watched it quietly in the middle of the night, this kind of heart contraction is the enjoyment of this more than 1 hour.

You can say that I am perverted. I like to communicate with the heart like this, so that more blood can flow out, and I can feel the blood of the scene. When I was stimulated, I couldn't help but opened my mouth and wanted to scream, but there was no sound.

I can say: very bloody! Although the storyline is not very exciting. But the bloody scene was enough to shock me for a while.

Worth a visit, especially late at night. .

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  • Dr. Benway: As my wife always says... I Didn't Choose Medicine... Medicine Chose Me

    Dr. Benway: I'm not as vain as I look... all those awards were a means to an end

    Dr. Benway: Family illnesses can be a life altering experience

    Dr. Benway: You have the instincts of a doctor... it's in your blood

    [brief pause]

    Dr. Benway: ... No pun intended

  • Dr. Benway: [repeated line]

    Dr. Benway: The nurse will contact you if I have any more questions