put a lot of farts

Lionel 2022-07-09 16:43:24

After watching the video, my stomach was rumbling so I secretly farted a few times.

But there's a reason for that. Excessive startling can cause gastrointestinal nerve spasms, which cause gas in the intestines to be expelled.

In fact, the director of this film still expressed some ideas:

1. Criticism of young people getting together to eat and drink. The film begins with their joyous scenes in contrast to the tragic endings that follow. Point out that some young people today only want to be happy for a while and don't care about the consequences.

2. Drive after drunk. If they didn't drink and drive, this result probably wouldn't have happened.

3. Uninformed. Here, they showed that their vigilance was too low, and an ambulance came casually and left with others. I didn't even notice it when I got to this weird hospital.

4. Inexperienced. Just give up your studies. The view on this is strong. What the skeptical doctor said to her when she drew the heroine can best reflect it. If she had finished her studies, she would have been able to see through the doctor's intentions and discern whether other people were in serious trouble at the scene of a car accident.

5. lust for lust. The girl with a hole in her head was just trying to have sex with the Russian, ignoring the whole environment and the situation of her other friends.

6. Taking drugs. The guy who ordered the oxygen tank last, if he didn't smoke marijuana, he probably wouldn't have hallucinations and couldn't tell the difference.

7. not united. The boy who wasn't even clear at the time shouldn't be separated from the heroine. This is a common problem for foreigners. Some of my friends who are studying abroad say that when foreigners encounter problems, they first talk all over the place and insist on their own so-called viewpoints. Finally, they all fail one by one.

8. Not improvised. The officer who appeared was the heroine who foolishly walked in front of them and led a lone officer to the third floor to find the body. If you encounter such a situation, you should first walk out of the hospital with the police and everything is easy to do.

But I've been wondering how this movie will fare at the box office.

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