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Rosella 2022-07-09 16:33:41

First of all, I questioned the title of the movie. The title of the movie was "Autopsy". After watching the whole movie, I didn't find any corpses that were dissected. The doctor needs a living body to save his beloved wife, so at best he can only change the "visection".
Puzzled: 1. The five young people were taken to such an unfamiliar hospital on a rainy night. There were no doctors or patients in the empty hall. Five people were arranged to see the doctor one by one, but none of them returned first. These did not attract the attention of the young people. It was a bit too numb.
2. When one of the addicts was about to flee, he would rather part ways than stay in this hospital for one more second, but heroically detonated combustibles to save Emliy and sacrificed himself. The personality gap between before and after is too big.
3. Emliy had the opportunity to escape from the hospital, but did not leave quickly, and began to look for her boyfriend Bobbi. It is really not something that ordinary people can do to find and comfort her boyfriend who is about to die.
This film must be a low-budget movie. From five young people driving away after a carnival on a rainy night to being involved in a car accident, it seems to be the opening remarks of countless thrillers. There is no creativity at all, so the script fee is saved. After the five young people were taken to the hospital by the sudden ambulance, the scene never left the hospital, saving the set cost. There is no detailed close-up of the torso and limbs, and the prosthetic plasma is too rough, which saves the cost of props.
It seems that this film is not useless. For example, when the boyfriend is found to turn on the light, the weak boyfriend is lying on the bed, and all the internal organs in his abdomen are pulled out and hung in the air to make a visceral net. The scene is still a bit creative. For example, at the end of the film, Emliy tied the doctor to the bed, holding a needle with hatred eyes and saying: I should be a doctor, as the ending will make people think about what she will do to the doctor with hatred. . .
Maybe it’s because our requirements for low-budget movies are too high, or maybe there are wonderful low-budget movies that have been made, which has raised the audience, our eyes are getting more and more tricky, our tastes are getting more and more peculiar, and we expect that every film will have surprises This move is really a waste of money. So I decided to start with me, watching movies should be mainly entertainment, supplemented by evaluation.

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