Nothing to see except the blood, this blood is not real

Keith 2022-10-11 14:23:17

I only watched it when I watched it with a high score... That is, if I was really disappointed after watching it, there was nothing to watch except for the blood... The ending was the same as the general one, leaving it to people's imagination... The heroine does not leave the hospital Instead, she sat in front of the mirror and sutured her face very pervertedly, and said perverted words. She felt that she had become perverted, just like the doctor, and why did she put the doctor's body on the stretcher and put it on the stretcher. beside you? ? This is still said to the doctor, meaning that she knows that the doctor is not dead? At first, I thought they were going to join forces, but the doctor picked up the knife again... the ending, the ending, I can't understand it, it's really boring

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Autopsy quotes

  • Jude: [cutting himself] There's something under there... I just can't find it

  • [last lines]

    Bobby: You're gonna get me out of here right

    Bobby: There's something wrong with me... I just can't see it