If you are admitted to the black heart hospital

Junior 2022-11-07 18:47:00

After reading the autopsy movie reviews, I found that everyone wrote very well, about Dr. Ben Wei's twisted selfish love for his wife, about the nurses and assistants who help vivisection innocent passers-by for money, about young victims Their so-called ignorance. After reading it, I am even more touched that the world is full of messes, and we are powerless to do anything. What should we do if we also have such a victimization experience?
In my opinion, don't trust others easily, try to settle down in a crowded place in the wilderness, otherwise don't go into any store or other people's house.
Even if you don't drink and drive, you can easily get into a car accident, so drive carefully.
If you do enter the hospital, first check the business license of the store, as well as the documents that can prove the store, because no one will be unknown and do "good things" that no one admits. If there is nothing, you can call 110 to ask for the identity of the store. Therefore, we should memorize emergency measures and common sense of safety.
If several people enter the unfamiliar place, they must unite. Generally, criminals love to sow discord. If you enter by yourself, take a quick look around and observe carefully. No matter what happens, you can only rely on yourself. At this time, don't be soft-hearted. If you can determine the danger here, one is to flee quickly, and the other is to capture the thief first. There will be no weird people or atmosphere in ordinary places. The more there are, the more abnormal it is. We normal people should be careful.
For example, Emily in the movie finally found the key to the problem - the thief's wife, solved her, and then the thief, if the subordinates knew about this situation, they would not insist. So, there is cause and effect. Be sure to know the purpose and reason for their harm.
In such a dangerous situation, you must always remember to escape, and you must make a call for help.
In short, if you can only escape on your own. First of all, you must adjust your mentality, don't panic, be calm, and shoot quickly. Try to negotiate with the enemy and follow them as long as you can without hurting you. Try to prolong survival time. In emergency according to the actual situation. Like this film, he needs human organs and bodies. This is interesting, not simply money can satisfy, but technical support or financial support can be given to him.
I guess if an anatomist got in, how the thief would self-destruct the wall. The necessary compromises are worth it.
If, the earliest ending is, a dead end. If so, they will perish with the enemy. Although there are many such black-hearted hospitals on the earth, one can destroy one.
Instead of blaming the society or criticizing the black-hearted hospital, it is better to think that if you go in, the ending may not be better and more realistic.
The world is such a world, and people are really individuals. Worlds, full of wonders. If you can't change it, learn more, know more, experience more and exercise more. To be honest, if I went in, I would neither have a healthy and agile physique, nor would I be brave and resolute, nor would I have the knowledge to understand natural science and medicine. So, it's time for me to study hard!

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