A lot of inexplicable surprises!

Elisha 2022-10-16 21:32:29

It's illogical, why don't you ask for help? In addition to the visual impact, the tension of the actors is enjoyed in the suspense film. Isn't logic important? When my sister went downstairs with that girlfriend, she thought that her sister would kill herself, wouldn't she hurt others? Why don't you call the police if you can go out? Staying upstairs for so long before going downstairs? My sister's body has been chopped up, and the ground has been washed. After spending so much time in the house, I forgot my girlfriend and rushed to your house... I am so afraid of my sister that I feel that I will be killed by my sister at any time, so why don't you go out and live by yourself? . Sister Quan Dang is also a shrew, but the image of her sister in the movie is actually quite strong, not like her sister, panic, timid, and strong tension after stimulation. Anyway, with all kinds of questions, I still read it. My sister's acting skills are very good, and there are hints everywhere in the movie, but it still can't drag the movie to a higher position, because there are too many loopholes.

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