she just broke you

Edgardo 2022-07-15 23:39:34

When I was a child, I read a fable, and I remember it was written by Gibran. The content is roughly:

The mother and daughter committed nocturnal sickness. They met in the garden and blamed each other. The mother blamed the daughter for stealing her youth. The daughter accused the mother of depriving her of her freedom. What, hug each other and tell each other love.

He also wrote a little poem about mother and son in "The Prophet".

In my opinion, the entire film of Dead Color is an interpretation of that fable.

It's just that the filming is very obscure. There are actually two relationships here, Lucy and Anna, and Anna and Deborah.

Deborah is a strict ballet teacher, and the mother in Black Swan is in the same profession, which gives a glimpse of their commonality.

This identity is very special, especially as long as they still have fantasies about their careers and higher-level pursuits of art, then they will be a little distorted in the way they view the carrier of continuing their lives.

I once had such a dance teacher. She was beautiful and always had a scent on her body. I would have random fantasies about her, but at the same time, I was also afraid of her.

Whenever you jump wrong, or your movements are irregular, I will make you repeat it over and over again, holding a long pole in your hand, and every time you make a mistake, beat it once. At that time, she looks at you with an inorganic look, like cold gray ice. Water, bone-chilling cold.

She won't scold you, but the sarcasm is harder to bear.

The atmosphere in the dance room is also weird, your mates are watching you repeat, you can hear them whispering, buzzing, bouncing off the mirrors all around, no one will if they're not in the best position be friends with you.

She will correct our various postures, even on the way home, I feel that there are eyes staring at you, telling you to keep your chest up, to be arrogant, and to eat less.

You can only eat half a bowl of Chinese food, and try not to eat dinner.

I hated dancing, and every time I stepped into the classroom, I would huddle in a corner, hoping no one could see me. But I like the basic skills very much, like martial arts, so I practice very hard. When I won the first place in a competition, everyone's attitude towards me changed. She smiled at me and seemed quite satisfied.

They were talking around me, and the first place tried to squeeze out a smile, trying to tell me something, but was pushed out by other classmates.

Ballet was introduced in the third grade, and I was very excited when I got the dancing shoes until she showed us her feet. In my heart, a perfect woman finally has imperfections. She said it took about three blood scabs to get used to the shoes.

The tutu was beautiful, but at that moment, I didn't just hate dancing, I started terrified.

Later, when I moved house, I didn't have the opportunity to practice again. For a long time, when I saw dancers and thought about dancing, my stomach hurts.

I now have a hazy perception that every line of excellence will probably become art. The top art is close to the realm of God, not mysterious. Looking at their display, the shock and shock are indescribable, what do you think you know? , If you really do your best to complete a very satisfactory work, that feeling will drive you to keep doing it, contrary to your schedule and the instinct of reproduction and survival.

That's why art drives people crazy.

Having gone so far, I just wanted to illustrate Deborah's thoughts.

Anna is very simple, she just wants freedom.

Lucy did not panic when she saw her gray face, but was a little fascinated. When she saw Anna's memory in the hut, what she said touched me very much: You are not dead? She just broke you.

She just broke you.

For Deborah, Anna is her daughter, her continuation, her work, and she has absolute control.

How could she run out of the house? How can you be a free soul?

But she still ran out, her cheeks withered by the hazy light.

What does Lucy mean?

She is kind and righteous, and she can see her strangled mother, who was forced to exchange souls with Anna. But I think she likes her new body quite a bit.

She and Anna killed Deborah together. She was Anna's redemption, but what was she?

Together they are the complete soul.

Can vampires achieve true death?

I doubt it, only the head is left, Lucy lying in the sand may not be dead at all, she has turned into a moth, or she is a moth herself.

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