Summarize for a friend

Vivien 2022-07-15 22:50:54

Girl A followed her trainee teacher to take care of the sick elderly in the community. The last old man was a pale old grandmother who lived in a spooky mansion in the suburbs and looked like a big boss. The intern teacher revealed to A that the old woman in a vegetative state had hidden treasures. A, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's base friend sneaked into the mansion in the middle of the night to hunt for treasure. Halfway through the search, there was a strange noise and the doors and windows could not be opened. The knife died, and then the boyfriend met the bloody resurrected friend. After a fight, the friend died. At this time, the old grandmother who had been in bed suddenly came out and blew her boyfriend's Tianling cover (???, and then the heroine resurrected the grandmother's daughter B , and then the intern teacher suddenly appeared and captured A?!! She was with the old grandma! Then the grandma transferred the soul of her half-dead daughter to A, and the first thing A woke up was to stab the intern teacher to death, and then stab the intern teacher again. The dead grandma, and then completely resurrect the grandma's daughter B. The grandma's blood tank is the 4399 invincible version. Suddenly, it violently threw the heroine. B took a whip and pulled the old grandma from A. Stairs, go downstairs and tear the grandma's head and jaw to prevent her from resurrecting. It's dawn, A takes it to the beach, B suddenly flies (yes, I'm fucking dumbfounded!!) B flies over the sea, A Standing on the reef looking at B, showing a faint smile, the end of the play

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