I didn't understand it for a long time, and I really lost it seriously.

Rebeka 2022-07-15 21:17:14

Question 1: Girls have two souls, this is what the female doctor said at the beginning. So how do you change your soul at the end? Did one of Lucy's souls enter Anna's body, and the other remained? But then Anna's eyes also changed, indicating that both souls have entered, so why did Anna help her, stay with her like a sister, and finally take her to the edge of the cliff, it's too messy. . . Taking her to the edge of the cliff to watch her fall off the cliff and dance, is very artistic, but what does it mean?
Question 2: Anna is made of machinery. Where does the soul come from? Or is there no soul in the beginning and just moves like a puppet? So maybe a soul of Lucy entered Anna's body and gave him the soul. But Lucy, who had changed her body, still had strange eyes. In addition, Lucy gave her hands to the vampire when she was sitting on the side of the child seat and saw everything about Anna. If it wasn't for the teleportation, would the vampire wake up a previous life of Anna's soul? And that soul is Anna, that is, Anna had a soul before, but after being ignited by the sun, she died and only moved like a puppet (it turns out that robots are also afraid of the sun...), but after changing her body, Lucy's eyes were still different.
Question 3: The supporting actor No. 2 was killed by several children in skirts with knives. Who are these children?
Question 4: What is the blue fire on the grass?
Question 5: What's the use of Lucy seeing her mother's ghost?
Question 6: Since the vampire only needs Lucy's body, why should she show it to her?
Question 7: Why did Lucy feel intimate when she saw Anna?

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