A suspenseful horror fantasy literature and art (spoiler)

Bonnie 2022-09-10 14:52:22

The beginning of the film actually revealed a part of the ending: Anna's corrupt face on the beach, the car that Lucy, William, and Ben drove to the old house was covered with vines, and the old and ruined body showed that the three failed to escape from the old house in the end.

Regarding Lucy's heterochromatic pupils, Mrs. Wilson (a female doctor, in fact, Anna's old classmate) said, in fact, this is the reason why two souls live in one body. Lucy was angry when she found out that her father had a partner eight months after her mother left, saw her hanging dead in the bathroom, and felt the tender touch of her mother's hand on her face. There is no certainty here whether Lucy is a fantasy or a real contact with her mother's soul. But it is very likely that the soul of the mother did not leave Lucy after her death, but lived in the daughter's body.

Regarding Mrs. Jessel, I think it's fair to say that she is an immortal monster. Even though she's old and withered, her combat effectiveness is still on the table, and she has no problem with killing an adult man with her bare hands. Mrs. Jessel attacked people in the same way as Anna. It was fierce, concise, and straight to the point. At the same time, it also caused the attacked object to lose blood, giving people a bloody river of violence and blood. I thought it was a vampire, but such a violent aesthetic is really inconsistent with the elegance that vampires always emphasize. Moreover, Mrs. Jessel was not afraid of the sun, and she also satirized Anna's weak physique who was afraid of the sun. There are many animal specimens in the ancient house, including wolves. Also, when Lucy and William went to Ben's bar earlier in the film, they passed a poster (or a signboard flag?), occupying almost half of the entire frame, depicting a pair of scissors inserted into a wolf's neck. Therefore, it is very likely that Mrs. Jessel is a werewolf. Moreover, it is a werewolf with super attack resistance. She will be resurrected on the spot when she encounters blood. If it wasn't for Lucy and Anna breaking her chin from her head with scissors in the end, she wouldn't have died even if her throat was slit by scissors and she fell from several floors.

Regarding Anna, first of all, I have to praise the actor who plays Anna, whether it is the elegance when dancing ballet; or the confusion when walking out of the old house covered in blood; Weird dance, I think she performed it perfectly. The dance moves similar to the mechanical dance are also praised by TM in such a terrifying and suspenseful situation.
Ana's aggressive habits are similar to her mother's, but are afraid of sunlight. So is she a hybrid of a werewolf and a vampire? ? But the little girl was very sad, and her mother was very fierce. She imprisoned her in an ancient house all day long, and even forced her to practice ballet in a violent way. Even the spine was trampled and broken by the murderous mother. But she still can't die in this way. As long as there is blood, she can live forever, but she needs to use the power of machinery. I literally burst out laughing when Mrs Jessel performed the operation on Anna in the video. Madam Jessel is almighty, she can also perform surgery + high-precision mechanical repairs! This is too sci-fi!

The later soul exchange ceremony was even more mysterious. Mrs. Jessel buried the worms in the wounds of Lucy and Anna, and then the hatched moths flew out of their respective mouths, and then flew into the other person's mouth. Finish. I think the moth here is the soul in the body, which means that the souls in Lucy and Anna have exchanged. But since there are two souls in Lucy's body, which soul entered Anna's body?

Anna's eye color is blue and Lucy's mother's eye color is black. After Anna woke up again, her eyes were the same color as Lucy's, turning blue and black. And Lucy's eyes turned black. So it is very likely that Lucy after the ceremony contains her mother's soul, which can be seen from the fact that after the ceremony, Lucy looked in the mirror and stroked her face, just like her mother's hand was stroking in the bathroom before. . And at this time, she whispered, "alone", indicating that she realized that she only had her own soul in her body, and Lucy's soul was gone. And after killing Mrs. Jessel, the two of them slept on the sofa, and it could be seen that the way Lucy hugged Anna was full of protective desire, just like her sister was holding her sister, or her mother was holding her daughter.

And the souls of Anna and Lucy exist in Anna's body at the same time. But why did Anna join forces with Lucy to get rid of Mrs. Jessel? Could it be that the soul of Anna in Anna is not conscious? ? I think there are two possibilities. One is that Anna's body is completely controlled by Lucy; the other is that Anna only hates her own mother, she hates her captivity, she hates her control, and she wants to get rid of Mrs. Jessel , the pursuit of true freedom. Thinking back to the previous memories, Anna tried every means to escape from the old house, longing for sunshine, ignoring Madam Jessel's scolding, escaping to deal with it, and even being trampled by her to break her bones, the latter possibility is very high. And at the end of the film, Mrs. Jessel died, and Anna was truly free. She could walk out of the old house and enjoy the fresh air. Even if she flew down from the cliff, she was happy.

However, there are still doubts in the film that are not understood. For example, who are the three ballet girls who killed Ben? I thought about following Mrs. Jessel to contact the little girls in ballet, but why would they kill? Or is he originally a tragic male No. 2, his existence is only to exaggerate the strange atmosphere of the ancient house. . .
Also, what are the blue flames in the grass? The soul of a dead girl?

Of course, French horror films have continued their romantic color as always. Even horror films are still full of literary and artistic style.

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