About the soul in Anna

Angela 2022-10-01 08:37:48

I don't know if you have noticed, there is a section where Lucy's mother strokes Lucy's face, the mother's pupils are brown, that is, the brown pupils represent the mother's soul, at the end Lucy's two eyes are blue It shows that the soul in the body is Lucy's own, and one of Anna's pupils has turned brown, which means that the soul of her mother ran into Anna's body. About the film later, Lucy hugged Anna and said "don't be afraid of the dark", many People say that it is like a mother holding her daughter, but why can't you think it is the daughter's entrustment to her mother? Because the mother has been living in the dark world after her death, this may be a kind of comfort for the daughter to the mother's soul. Finally, Anna flew into the sky, indicating that Anna's soul and her mother's soul have been liberated.

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