Although I almost fell asleep in the front, the back seems to be fine.

Olin 2022-10-21 18:17:16

Although I had a long time ago because I saw the heroine's eyes and felt very emotional, but I just remembered to watch it now. I didn't expect it to be a horror, suspense, magic, sci-fi and literary film (⊙_⊙) The last should be the heroine's body (female The hero + the heroine's mother) + Anna's body (Anna) = the heroine's body (the heroine + Anna) + Anna's body (the heroine's mother), let's see the ending when the heroine was sewn with blue eyes Her mother stood beside her with only one black eye showing, which means that she still had her mother's soul in her body at that time, and finally she looked in the mirror and said that I am a human now, which means that she has Anna's soul in her body ( The moth did fly into the mouth). In fact, I think the most certain evidence that Lucy didn't die is the three lanterns that fell when she met the three goblins at the beginning. Two small = two men, all burned = dead; big white round lantern half burned = Lucy lost half of her soul

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