"Shrew's Nest"

Paxton 2022-11-09 10:37:32

The three views were refreshed again. #See "The Shrew's Nest"#

First of all, high-definition, native Spanish + Chinese subtitles, and free resources are not easy to find. (Most likely I'm stupid and can't find it.)

Speaking of the heroine's father, Luis Tosal, his other horror movie "While You're Sleeping" and this shrew, I can't change my impression of him, (actually, it's his acting skills. It's a compliment~ It's amazing.)

The heroine's acting skills are superb. If nothing else, when she is a little normal and mentally ill, she will frighten the baby to death. There is also the deep dark circles under the eyes from the appearance to the end. At first glance, it is a person with poor sleep and bad spirits.

Watch her struggling to suffocate when she tries to get out of the house; there are 2 murder scenes, and Carlos sews his legs on the bed (it's a tailor, really good work.), banging him on the head and hitting him Halo prevents escape, is a naked schizophrenic, okay? !

Some details are not very worthy of scrutiny, such as: Why are the children born by fathers and daughters so healthy? This is a bit lucky; why is it that my sister and her boyfriend are always under the window where my sister can see? And finally, my sister found out that her sister was actually a mother, so the sister/mother holding the baby in the photo is not the same person as when she was young. But let's stop there, and let the pounding heart beat for a while.

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