After reading everyone's comments, the paragraph about the soul exchange still has its own reasons.

Marcelina 2022-10-03 11:34:49

After reading everyone's comments, I think everything makes sense, but I still have a question.

Regarding the part of the soul exchange, from the color of the pupils, it should be that the mother left her daughter's body and entered Anna's body. If it is explained from the later plot, it is more like the mother stayed in the daughter's body, and the daughter's soul ran into Anna's body. That fearless and protective look, the touching of the face, the hug to Anna, are like the gesture of a mother to her daughter. He also said: Don't be afraid of the dark night. (But what about Anna's soul?)

(What about Anna's soul? If it is still in Anna's body, then the exchange will not be established) After reading the part of the soul exchange several times, it is certain that Anna's soul is still in Anna's body , said from the later plot: a person, proves that the daughter's body and soul only go out and not in, only one soul exists. So to be honest, there are still loopholes in the plot. Since it is a soul exchange, and there are moths as evidence, how can the exchange not be established? The ending is beautiful but the plot is a bit far-fetched.

In addition, I personally prefer the latter explanation. The mother kept the daughter's body alone, and the daughter's soul and Anna shared Anna's body. (After the exchange of souls, I have repeatedly studied the color of my daughter's pupils. It is darker than the blue eye, but not completely black like the black eye. The pupil is dark brown and surrounded by blue.) Finally, The daughter is freed with Anna. The color of Anna's pupils can only be interpreted as, the double color is a symbol of the existence of two souls, and it does not have to be matched with the color. Hey, you can only understand it this way for the time being, what do you think?

Digression: The French really can carry the romance to the end! It can make horror movies both bloody and romantic. Many pictures are full of the beauty of death. The details of the set are also very careful. You can cut the picture alone as a wallpaper (if you dare, hehe)

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