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Gregorio 2022-08-19 14:34:31

This film is quite good, especially the BGM infiltration panic, and finally I turned off the sound to watch the QUQ. It's the type that only finds some foreshadowing after reading it. The part about the soul exchange is actually very easy to understand whose soul is exchanged. Let's turn to the part where Lucy's mother appears in the film. The close-up of her mother clearly shows that her eyes are black. Anna's own eyes are blue, and one turned black after the exchange, so it should be the mother who was replaced, which can also explain why the ending of the film is that Anna slowly flew up by the sea (doesn't feel like ascending to the sky)
About the grass on the grass Blue fireworks, when Lucy held it up, the man next to her said "what is she doing" → so that thing should be "something that normal people can't see" → I think it is more likely to be a soul.
Regarding the identity of the ballet mother and daughter, I think the werewolf is more reliable than the vampire. One is that Anna's mother is not afraid of the sun, and for France, the shadow of werewolves is greater than that of vampires, not to mention that there are repeated hints in the film. Rather than being a werewolf, it is closer to a [human wolf] in terms of performance. This passage comes from Du Niang: "Human wolves are on the contrary. Their bodies are not necessarily all covered with hair. Their internal organs are more like humans. They have no or only very short tails. The biggest feature is that they have nails instead of claws." Come to think of it , close-up of Anna's mother's nails in bed. As for Anna's description in the film as "a child rejected by both the sun and the moon", it is probably because she has a werewolf ancestry and also has diseases such as [porphyria] that need to be protected from light.
It is easy to figure out the identity, because the werewolf is very different from the vampire in that the vampire emphasizes "rescue", while the werewolf tends to integrate into the human society (please refer to the werewolf board game method). In other words, Anna's mother repeatedly emphasized that "dancing" is actually asking Anna to have the ability to hide her true identity (since Anna in the film is obviously not very capable of controlling her own instincts). Just because the werewolf will enter an active state in the moonlight (the aunt once said to the corpse-like mother Anna: don't play too late at night), Anna is likely to be inclined to runaway at this time, and can't bear the torture of sunlight during the day, in order to To protect Anna, only let Anna stay in the house.
Looking at it this way, Mama's love is really twisted in the end. Because she shoulders the task of protecting her most important [treasure], she has to imprison Anna in disguise. In the end, the dominant factor in killing Mama is probably Lucy's dominant factor (note that her murder method is not a werewolf's "biting" but stabbed into the aunt's body with scissors, which is a very human-colored "rationality". The way of killing)
Regarding the points that everyone is arguing about, the above are my personal views on these points

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