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Harley 2022-09-02 05:28:30

In the end, after the heroine changed her soul, did she have different pupils, and the music box girl was? This shows that the heroine only has one soul in her body, while the music box girl has two.
Assuming the souls are exchanged, then the music box girl's soul enters the female lead, and the female lead's soul and her mother's soul enter the music box girl's body, so when the old monster makes her dance, it's normal for her to freak out, but After saving the girl later, the logic is invalid. Of course, it is also possible that this girl is kind-hearted and willing to let her (it is not valid, she drank the blood of so many girls).
So I can only consider one situation. My mother helped silently. Originally, two souls came out of the heroine's body. When the two moths met in the air, the heroine's mother became angry and put the music box girl out of her mouth. The soul of a moth was replaced by his daughter's, so the daughter successfully returned to her body, and the souls of the mother and the music box girl returned to the music box girl's body. Therefore, it is reasonable to save my mother. In the end, the heroine ran in the sun like the music box girl before, it is estimated that it is to test whether she can survive in the sun? = =
Anyway, my mother has already died, so I don't worry about dying again. Of course, it's not easy to live a life with a body like that, so I jumped, went, and went.
As for the previous heroine holding the ghost fire, but when she came out, the music box girl was holding the ghost fire. The reasonable explanation is that it is because the mother's soul loves the ghost fire. = =

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