so beautiful

Sven 2022-10-14 21:12:37

It's so beautiful, even my male wife was moved. However, I feel that the film is a bit literary, so I don't fully understand it. Just tell me what I think.
1 Regarding heterochromatic pupils, I feel that it is just a physique that is easy to attract ghosts.
2. Regarding the three ballet girls who killed the second male, it felt like they were zombies manipulated by vampires. Seeing that the second male also attacked the first male after he died, it means that those killed by these vampires can be used as weapons.
3 The most troublesome thing is to change the body: At first, the middle-aged aunt said that the dancer's daughter can't speak. After changing the body, the heroine touched her body and said, "A living person, and then happily went to the sun." It can be seen that the heroine is Anna in her body later. And when the heroine started to touch the phosphorous fire, it felt that the heroine was actually unlovable. The heroine's father is getting married for a second time, her mother is dead, her boyfriend is a scumbag, she doesn't earn enough money to support herself, and she is in a very tangled state. Before the heroine changed her body, her eyes were fixed, so she could see her mother, which showed that the heroine could see dirty things with one eye. When she saw her mother in the bathroom, she actually wanted to be with her. So, at the end of the story, Anna became a human again, and the heroine jumped off a cliff and went to her mother. As for why the two girls worked together to fight against the dancer, it was because the heroine actually sympathized with Anna after seeing the pictures in the past, so she said that Anna was not dead. And Anna must have understood this. And I can understand that it is better to be trapped in my past body than to die, so I opened the eyes of my past body and woke up the heroine with blood. Finally, I took the heroine to jump off the cliff.
In the first half of the film, Anna's face, the old car, and the three adventurous young people died, but Anna and the heroine each got their own way.

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