The true meaning of tragedy

Brooke 2022-10-15 13:06:09

Went to a movie salon today and saw a movie Veronica Foss. A very tragic film about an outdated female star in Germany after World War II, who was controlled by her doctor and became addicted to drugs. Although she met a reporter who kindly helped her, she eventually went to ruin. It's especially easy for me to pull myself into the concept of the protagonist, every time I watch them step by step toward tragedy. I was very impatient. And every time something tragic happens in this movie, there will be a drum sound. Every time I hear that drum sound, I will feel that my whole person is not well, and I feel that the drum sound is beating heavily on my heart. I feel that the heroine Foss is pitiful, pathetic, and neurotic. After having sex with the hero, she suddenly behaves like she doesn't know the hero Robert. When Robert broke his beloved vase, he immediately became very crazy. It's also a good face, because I was afraid that everyone would know my state of desperation, so I deliberately insisted on standing at the front on the bus, and there was obviously a vacancy. In order to find drug money, the actor Robert bought her a brooch, and later made an excuse that the actor didn't like the brooch and wanted to return the brooch, she happened to meet the store manager who was also her fan, although she could The brooch was returned very smoothly, but the heroine Firth was extremely embarrassed at the time, because she let her fans meet her most down-to-earth side. Seeing her confession later that she was going to shoot a movie soon, and then she would release new photos and sign autographs for her fans with her husband, I felt helpless and distressed at the time. Her fans must also know that she is out of breath now, and may not have any new movies to make, and may even know that she and her husband have separated, but I believe her fans will definitely not have the heart to expose her. dismantle. She had a chance to escape the doctor's clutches. When the hero's girlfriend was murdered by the doctor for investigating this matter, the hero Robert led the police to the doctor to meet her, she obviously had the opportunity to confess, Telling the truth may be because of vanity, but also because she didn't want everyone to know about her drug use, or because she couldn't live without morphine, she chose to stand for the doctor. ps, the heroine's performance at the probably imagined farewell party was really good. At that time, he sang a song. The heroine's voice was a little smoky and a little low, but it was very magnetic, very sexy, really It is for both men and women. That doctor is really scary. He is a psychiatrist, but he feels that his understanding of psychology has become his weapon and accomplice in murdering his life. She has already mentally controlled and abused the heroine Firth. In the end, the heroine clearly knew that he was a bad person, but it was too late, she was controlled both mentally and physically, and he couldn't live without that doctor now. The ending of the heroine Firth just happens to echo the plot of a movie she was watching at the beginning of the movie, played by the heroine. The role played by the heroine was controlled by a doctor to take drugs. In order to obtain drugs, she signed an agreement to leave her property to the doctor, and then confessed to the doctor that I have given you everything except death. In the film, the doctor and the officials of the drug regulatory department colluded. When the hero went to the officials of the drug regulatory department to report that the doctor was suspected of murdering the patient, the official not only excused the doctor, but said that the patient was willing to sign the agreement. Leaving the posthumous property to the doctor is precisely the best manifestation of the trust between the doctor and the patient, and it is also tipped off to the doctor later. When a supervisory department not only fails to perform its due supervisory duties, but instead covers and shelters the executioner, it is really a terrible thing.

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