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After reading it twice, I can understand the soul-changing place. who exchanged with whom.

In the body of the dancing girl Anna, there are the souls of Lucy and her mother, so after the black-haired Lucy cut off Anna's pinned eyes, Anna's pupils showed two colors.

In front of the mirror, the black-haired Lucy stroked her face, "This is a living person", showing that Anna, who has never felt the warmth of her body, is curious about everything.

The first time she used scissors to slit Mrs. Jessel's throat was when Mrs. Jessel held a pointer to force Anna, who had just adapted to change her body, to dance ballet immediately. All kinds of confinement and oppression could not get rid of even if a new body was replaced, which made Anna's heart of revenge for being imprisoned, devastated and bound for many years burst out. The only way to get rid of it is to break out of the siege.

Throwing Mrs. Jessel down the stairs for the second time. Before that, there is a little detail that the blood flowed to Mrs. Jessel after Wilson (nurse - also a trainee of Mrs. Jessel) was killed, so it was only when Jessle was about to go downstairs with Lucy and Anna. A sudden scene. It also shows that Mrs. Jessel is an immortal monster. Even if she suffers a lot of damage, there is only blood, and she can be resurrected on the spot by relying on blood.

On the third time Mrs. Jessel was on the first floor floor, twisted and ready to stand up. It was only after the two girls realized that to kill her completely, she could not have any way to suck blood and eat, and two people joined forces to tear open Mrs. Jessel's mouth, preventing her from sucking blood. Big BOSS over.

The two ran out of the castle. At this time, the black-haired Lucy had tears in her eyes. This was the first time she had truly felt the moon, and it was also a real proof that she had broken free and had her own freedom. Afterwards, the two found that the castle at night had become an island, and there was a black atmosphere everywhere. Lucy said "You can't escape at night", which also proved that the soul in her body was the dancing girl Anna.

In the castle at night, two people cuddled and slept. I prefer to understand it as a kind of tacit understanding, a kind of nostalgia and abandonment of the previous identity.

Early in the morning, two people walked out of the castle and came into the sun. One is to enjoy the sun with joy - heralding a new life, the other is to wrap up a black shawl and walk towards his predetermined choice - the dead man.

On the shore, the dancing girl Anna (Lucy + mother's inner soul) happily jumped off the cliff, but later rose to the air, her soul was sublimated, and she was able to live happily with her mother, soothe her inner wounds and welcome the light. So at this time, a smile appeared on Anna's body, her eyes were calm, and her broken face began to shed its skin, returning to its original flawless state.

The black-haired Lucy also smiled, welcoming the sun and her new life.

This film is more willing to be understood as two different kinds of maternal love, selfless love and selfish possessive love.

The 3 ballet girls in the film should be among the 3 students of Mrs. Jessel, one girl who was bitten to death by Anna, and the other two girls who were asked by Mrs. Jessel to go home immediately. Wilson's other 2 girls. The lights that flickered when the girl appeared here also appeared when Mrs. Jessel installed the mechanical torso for Anna, corresponding to the front and rear. It proves that all three of them were resurrected again by means of alchemy, or that their souls were locked in their bodies and became specimens of controlled ballet dancers.

As the only surviving student among the four ballet dancers, Wilson shows that she is addicted to Madam Jessel's violent aesthetics, her powerful control, her envy for the strong, and her obsession with dissecting the human body. The other 3 ballet girls who died at a beautiful young age may also have her handwriting. Has a mentality of destroying good things, and is extremely addicted to the unknown and mysterious. Want to dive into it and become a crazy seeker. This is why when she killed the smiling girl on the side of the road, she chose violent slashing and the thrill of seeing the blood splatter, instead of directly bleeding with anesthesia. This is also one of the reasons why she chose to be a nurse, she can be close to death, close to the unknown, and close to blood.

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