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It was filmed in 1971 and was banned by the BBC until 2005. Incitement is better than the Red Guards.
There is a saying: the wealth of this country is enough to support everyone, why are there still people struggling on the line of life and death? The

police are bored and play a game. He said that he wanted to play this game with you
and run to the national flag for a reward, but if you couldn't get to the shooting,
there was a small print at the end called "Final Explanation".
Are you playing?

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Punishment Park quotes

  • Mary Jurgens, Tribunal Member: [shouting] You are immoral!

    Jay Kaufman, Tribunal Defendant: I am not immoral.

    [she continually interrups with shouting]

    Jay Kaufman, Tribunal Defendant: You want me to tell you what's immoral? War is immoral! Poverty is immoral! Racism is immoral! Police brutality is immoral! Opression is immoral! Genocide is immoral! Imperialism is immoral! This country represents all those things!

  • Defendant Lee Robert Brown: America is as psychotic as it is powerful and violence is the only goddamn thing that will command your attention.