Big Sound, Elephant, Elephant...

Stone 2022-10-23 20:05:20

After watching it, I know that domestic filmmakers have misinterpreted the original film.
The name is good, but it turns into Jimmy Chuangtianguan, and the big stupid elephant will be addicted. Where is the Tianguan? And people in Norway may not say so. The plot has nothing to do with "running". Is the big stupid elephant addictive? It's funny to say, but in fact, people who say this after reading it, really have their conscience eaten by a dog.
Children should not be "daring sex scenes and splashing flesh and blood on the screen". Except for a short sex scene that is seriously unrelated to the plot, there is basically nothing to make people impulsive. The whole film is quite dirty. In the past, when I was studying 3D, I read books by foreign masters, all of which taught you how to make things real, stained, distorted, damaged, and blurred... This film can be used as a teaching material, typical of the style of the King of Ruin, It is truly unique among all kinds of cartoons.
The plot dialogue is said to be worse than others--this is also an important reason that attracts me to watch free jimmy, but I didn't see it, and I didn't even find any jokes--the elephant just stomped the puppy with one foot. There's a laugh there, and it's really a bit SP-style.
Saying something bad is all hurt by those misunderstood introductions. But this cartoon is still worth watching. The 3D style is unique and the production is careful and meticulous. And there is a great kindness in the film that is touching - that kind deer takes care and protects the elephant, but...
the people who chase Jimmy all the way are bastards! , including those hypocritical animal protectionists.
Others said: I like small animals the most, especially cooked ones.

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