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In recent years, Lao Pa and some of his buddies have made a lot of works with obvious personal labels, which are basically tailor-made for him, and this one is no exception. Although it is based on a novel, this story was chosen. The premise is that Lao Pa found his own shadow in the protagonist's experience and felt the same.

The overall style of the film is literary, the rhythm is slow, and the plot is dull. Compared with ordinary commercial films, it is difficult for people to have the patience to watch it in one breath, but if your focus is on Lao Pa's performance, then you can completely ignore it. The places that are not so great are gone.

The fallen old man he portrayed in the film can almost be regarded as a social model. The tangled and complicated part of human nature that the story explores and shows is exactly what everyone, especially when they get older, What we have to face is the aging of body functions and the withering of inner flames, the helplessness and struggle of being powerless, the life gap that falls from the cloud to the dust, and the love that faces the generation gap and value difference, all of which are enough to make people crazy. The mental illusion makes people shuttle between reality and falsehood, and Lao Pa's explosive power is still shocking.

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