"The wilderness facing the Ganges, where there is the most beautiful place"

Rosemary 2022-09-18 15:19:21

What impresses me about same-sex movies always seems to be the things that stray from the side. Perhaps because of age, I have let go of those feelings and loves. If you want to talk about the simple and rude mode of love stories, maybe it is the talented professor uncle + Bai Tian, ​​who is obedient and has a strong sense of justice? ! ~ The bloody plot is: one night when the uncle was with the rickshaw driver who was taking him home, he was suddenly photographed and beaten by two intruding guests, and soon three people from the school arrived at the scene, making it clear that it was a conspiracy Well. The next day the professor's sexuality spread and he was in danger of being fired. The fresh meat reporter stepped forward and ran in all directions, swearing to seek justice for the professor. The ending was a bit tragic, as the professor took his own life the night before the successful lawsuit. According to foreign news reports, the film is based on a true story that happened in a college in India.

The part that strikes me: Uncle is the only professor in the area who studies a minority language, and despite this, he can be the head of the linguistics department that studies mainstream languages ​​(I always feel that sexual orientation It should not be the most obvious label on someone, personal ability is the most important). In addition, he also writes poems and translates them into English for the little fresh meat reporters who admire him. Please pay attention to the time and occasion of his translation, when he was present at the court hearing (it's boring anyway, it's better to put aside the bloody lawsuit for the time being and seize the poetry and the distance):

Dear Moon, don't be afraid of the dawn that will tear us apart.

While the world is sleeping, we will meet again.

In the light of day, I disappear.

Under your light, my soul is revived.

We dance like shadows.

with the song of the nightingale.

We touch like shadows.

In short, it is a dark and dark film that is a bit depressing, but it reminds me of the two lines in Heine's famous poem "to the wilderness of the Ganges, where there is the most beautiful place". It just so happens that there is also a picture of two people boating on the river in the film, which can be regarded as a light that neutralizes the dark tone of the film. There is India, a country where the flowers of poetry bloom, including Tagore's "The Birds", "The Gardener", "Gitanjali", and the immortal poetic drama "Shakuntala" that is mouth-watering to read. ", strangely, Goethe, the giant of German classical literature, would also nod and sigh:

The spring flowers are magnificent, and they are also beautiful;

Autumn is full of richness, and it also contains its treasures.

In the corner of the sky, the wheel of the earth is full;

Pemi is alone, Shakuntala.

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