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The school is one of the organizers of the festival, and most of the films are free for students to watch. I picked this movie mainly to see Al Pacino, and the theme seemed to be related to the aging topic I was interested in, so I clicked the mouse to book the ticket. I like the movie itself very much. I personally like this kind of drama that explores people's complex psychology. I won't spoil it. Let me share what he said when I met the director. Maybe some people who like this director are interested. .
It is suitable for reading after watching the film~

At the beginning, there was a wrong prompt in the theater, saying that after the broadcast, everyone should clear the scene to make room for the next film. After the movie was over, I went out the door and found that someone pulled two chairs onto the stage, and the broadcast said, "We welcome the director of this film ***!" discuss.

After listening to the conversation, I found out that this director is very famous! (I really don't understand movies!) "Rain Man" he directed is a household name, even I have seen it. The director couldn't tell that he was 72 years old. Like the professors in the school, his eyes were bright and he was chatting and laughing.

The film only cost two million dollars in total. It took 20 days to shoot. Twenty days does not mean a total of 20 days from the start to the end, but for one or two days of filming and a few weeks of stopping, and repeating this, so the seasons can be seen in the film, and the total time for filming to start is only 20 days. I don't know what Pacino's salary is... I'm not familiar with the

actress Greta Gerwig
, the actress, and the host asked why she chose this actor at the time. There should be some surprises in it. I don't know if it's because she doesn't have a very good background. Famous, or young? Students who know, please add. Levinson said that the heroine in this film can't be attractive only by beauty, there must be some kind of unique charm. (All I can say is, watch it and you'll understand?) Greta Gerwig is incredibly smart and talented, perfect for the role. The last explosive scene was actually shot on the first day of construction.

About the cooperation with Al Pacino
The director said that he knew Al many years ago and worked together in previous films. What I remember most is Levinson saying that Al didn't miraculously master the role at once, he would think and think about it for a long time, and then one day suddenly found that he His voice changed, his habitual movements changed, and he became a character. He was still a young man when he acted in The Godfather, and when he first started filming, the crew's attitude was "We must find a way to fire him", because it was impossible to imagine that quiet man becoming a mafia. Knowing the scene of the shooting, the crew thought, oh, he can use it. (I'm ashamed, I haven't seen it, those who have seen it, please add...)

He said that in addition to his rich film career, Al has always been involved in drama performances, so it fits this role very well. There is a very long monologue in it. In addition to the words in the script, he also mixed a lot of his own experiences. The scene was shot several times, and it only took ten minutes in one breath, and the last shot was basically a shot. Really master.

Masters are trained. Work work work hard.

The director of how Levinson started to work as a screenwriter gave a
speech about his own mental journey, and felt that his fate was quite unreasonable. One day when he was young, he met a man named george, and he wanted to take his car to Hollywood, an hour away, and he took george there. I found out that George wanted to sign up for an acting school (consulting the context, it should be a drama performance rather than a movie), and he encouraged him to sign up together, so that he would be accompanied by someone on the road every Monday and he could share the gas bill, so he stumbled together. Sign up. He said that he still doesn't know how this happened, because he doesn't like acting. He also asked the teacher if he could not act in class, but just watched. Later, George didn't go much, but he seriously fell in love with acting, and slowly it became that he drove to and from Hollywood by himself. After a few months, he simply moved to Hollywood, and then never saw George again. Years later, he and his wife went to see a movie, and the character in it suddenly called out George's full name, only to find out that the man had become the largest cocaine producer in the United States (I can't remember the cultivation or the sale)#¥% ...¥%...¥%

The experience of learning acting in the following two years helped him tremendously. After graduating, he and a friend, who were very poor, tried to make up some small performances, while he himself wrote down the performance process he imagined in his mind and started to work as a screenwriter. Then he slowly became famous. When I was learning acting, I was spending money every minute of rehearsal, so I often used different methods to describe how actors should act. Later, when I became a director, I used them all.

Supplement: The original work of the movie is a novel by Phillip Roth, an American novelist who has won many awards. His novels are difficult to change into movies, and only four of his thirty or so novels have been made into films. , those who are interested can go and have a look.

Because it's been a long time (7 hours!), I can't remember some details clearly. It would be great if everyone could check it out, or take out his previous interviews/interviews and supplement the story.

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