Pacino's stage play

Elisha 2022-09-19 20:55:47

The last time Mr. Pacino gave me a shocking performance was in Doctor Death, a TV movie also directed by good friend Barry Levinson. But this time, there is nothing outstanding to talk about, and it is quite satisfactory; Greta Gerwig is not even a little bit worse, what is the image of the extremely disobedient sister next door? The whole performance seemed to be participating in an interview, but unfortunately she didn't have the courage to step out of the comfort zone of her performance, so she thought it was Levinson's casting failure. It's the same thing that happened to the actors, and it's also the expression of the characters' inner entanglement and loss. "Birdman" wisely chose a long shot to the end, and now I have to admire the director's vision. Because this persistent camera movement method can not only be used to show off the photographer's biceps, but also can speed up the rhythm and improve the tension of the plot, just like giving the film a shot in the arm, without the best editing point, Effect editing, this Kurosawa's favorite movie production process is completely handled by "shooting", how to "cut" useless footage? How to "cut" to remove the redundancy of the plot? One word: fast. How fast? It's too late to make mistakes, too late to take useless shots, too late to be a "contemplator". In order to ensure the coherence of the narrative and the needs of emotional rhythm, the conversion speed of scene paragraphs should be greatly accelerated. For example, in "Birdman", the conversion process is very creatively integrated into the story narrative. The characters are in the corridor and someone greets them. The characters are outside the building, and there are people watching. If you stay alone, you have to imagine a room of reporters, and even forcefully join the monologue. Why? These "tidbits" are actually all feature films, not only telling the story, but also subconsciously attaching a pair of wings to the narrative. Can the performance of three scenes be reduced to two, and whether two scenes can be combined into one, to maximize the ability to compress and merge , only for one goal: to speed up the progress of the story, and to create a room full of snake spirits in "Birdman" that has no urine spots throughout. Another way to shoot, it should be pretty good. Of course, you have to replace the cameraman, then the director, Levinson, then the director, Greta Gerwig, and then the TV Kyra Sedgwick, leaving only the old par... Forget it, replace the old par...

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