A fact that has been packaged

Korey 2022-09-18 11:57:39

Before leaving Inox, who had a drug appointment with Panjim, he fell in love with "Aligarh". I read comments on the Internet before that India rarely shoots such serious social-themed films. Of course, homosexuality is also a selling point.
After begging at the entrance of the cinema for a long time, I expressed how hard it was to come to inox to watch this film. After ten minutes, it should be the lobby manager who ran out, and the security check turned Green from the inside out. Pack a big bag and watch a movie.
The male protagonist's emotions are rich, accumulated, deep helplessness, long-term forbearance and escape, and the final outbreak, all like a lamb to be slaughtered. Several scenes of conflict in the courtroom are obvious. Sometimes he is sleeping, sometimes he is translating his book for the young reporter, and even when he is speaking, he is also a bystander in the quarrel. irrelevant.
At the end, there is a parade that echoes the beginning, celebrating the victory of homosexuality, but the male protagonist has already lost everything, whether it is a collective victory or an individual sadness, and life can no longer go back to the past. The character of the male protagonist is forbearance and depression. Whether it is for his lover or his beloved works, he will only show his inner self when he encounters those he is familiar with or interested in. At this time, the hearts of the male protagonist and the reporter went farther and farther, and his world still existed after all, so he chose to exist forever.
It is a pity that many lines representing the traditional views of Indian society cannot be understood because of the raw meat without words. I hope I can read it again when I have time.

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