multiple personalities

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American commercial films in the 1990s had distinct characteristics of that era. Handsome men and beautiful women, meet by chance, fall in love at first sight, and some lively scenes. Iconic movie stars showed their talents in such movies, and Antonio Banderas, who became famous in the future, was still very immature in this movie. The plot is usually quite suspenseful, and in the end, the truth is often beyond the audience's expectations. At the same time as the truth is revealed, you may also have some scientific or medical knowledge. The film deals with a medical concept of "multiple personalities," which are often opposites and exist within the same individual. Being in one personality does not know one's other personality at all. This serious mental illness is usually related to childhood experiences and is produced by strong stimulation. Commercial films will not further analyze the social problems exposed by the story, and interested audiences will be inspired by this. This model of commercial idol drama has influenced a generation. But real life is not so romantic, don't talk to strangers, but acquaintances are boring and uninteresting, and loneliness can also lead to psychological problems.

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Never Talk to Strangers quotes

  • Dr. Sarah Taylor: [to private detective] I think I'm falling in love with someone. But I gotta write a check first to make sure he's not a psychopath.

  • [last lines]

    Cliff Raddison: So good to have you back to your old self, Sarah.

    Dr. Sarah Taylor: Thanks.