you can be your own

Elza 2022-09-19 12:01:13

In fact, everyone has schizophrenia, but I believe it is too light, not enough to become a disease.

I often feel that the phone is ringing, but when I hear it, it seems that it is not, but I still check to see if I really missed a call.

----------------------------- Personal bias ------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --

When I woke up in the hospital bed later, I really felt the morbid appearance of schizophrenia. It turns out that schizophrenia is a disease of a person, shouting into the air, which is scary.

But if you change these scenes and replace them with those, isn't that what green screen looks like?

even crazier

Adam's illness didn't hurt him too much, it just interfered with his life, making him unable to distinguish the real thing or the illusory thing.

As a result, I accidentally messed up the two, and then it hurt the real self like this.

No matter what disease it is, it will make people sensitive, as if they have entered another group. What those normal people say, when they hear the ears of these patients, will become strongly targeted, as if everything is directed at him. the same, is it true?

Not at all, everyone in this world is very busy, busy killing those who stand in their way, there is still time to waste time looking for you passers-by, so don't take it to heart when you hear anything.

The world is like this, you can be your own.

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