The words on the bathroom wall, the voice in your heart

Johan 2022-09-19 09:03:30

The film is still very attractive at the beginning, because this way of expression is very youthful. The visual expression of a schizophrenic patient is clearly expressed. What he sees is what he experiences, including the side effects of taking medicine on his body. , the influence on his pursuit and the possibility that he will become a waste controlled by drugs, and at the same time, his changes after not taking drugs will also make him control by diseases, all expressed in a very youthful and modern fairy tale way came out.

But the sublimation of the whole film is not enough. All these visual expressions are turned by Paul's letter. The story's rapid progress towards love can resolve everything, the mercy of the Lord can make you master love, and this love can solve everything, let You have the courage to face it, what happens after you face it? How to cure the disease? What is the future of the hero? did not explain. OK, if we lay it out, should such a turning point be expressed in more detail, or can such a turning point be affected only by the removal of a misunderstanding of the stepfather? What about school prejudice? What about prejudice among friends? Visual expressions have had a great impact before, and it was extremely embarrassing for me to win thousands of miles because of such a simple turning point.

But it did open up the presentation of a movie I was worried about recently, but!

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Words on Bathroom Walls quotes

  • [Last lines]

    Adam: [narrating] You *have* to let people discover all your dark and twisty places inside. Because those are the people that can show you what's real, when you can't see that for yourself. It can be the beginning of everything... if you let it.

  • [first lines]

    Adam: [narrating] At first they thought that something was wrong with my eyes. What I wouldn't give for a classic case of glaucoma. But soon after, I started hearing the voices.