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Soledad 2022-07-14 21:19:52

I prefer the original English name, the answer man. Because everyone knows the answer, they are hesitant, so timid that they dare not even think logically in their minds, let alone put down their masks in life and be comfortable with their most essential souls.

Allen is a bestselling author. Twenty years ago, the author unraveled the knots of countless people's hearts in the book. Twenty years later, his life is still like a disaster that is difficult to recover. It's as ironic as the old sweet and loving music playing on the gramophone when the spinal pain hits. Contradictions finally surfaced in life due to the arrival of Elizabeth. His father's amnesia, death, his failed marriage, and novels created out of thin air but happened to be worshipped are all not an excuse for him to escape from life. What he wants to teach himself and his readers is that at this moment, everyone has to admit the real self in the past, let go of a little ridiculous self-esteem (perhaps this is why the director expressed it in a comedy way), and say to the world in front of him again, HI.

Likewise, the seemingly empathetic Elizabeth cannot escape the undercurrents of life. Her inner conflict began to escalate at the moment when Aaron yelled at her. She tried to design the "best growth" life model for her son, but she was actually saying, "I can give you the best baby, even if your father leaves." The relationship between their mother and son is the most delicate, and the son reveals amazing maturity. When talking to Alan, they both know the fact that Dad will not come back, but they do not tell each other. It wasn't until she forgave Alan that she decided to open a door to a new life.

And the alcoholic, like those confused readers, I hope they can all understand that the soul can only walk alone. destiny or will, you need to give yourself the answer.

The biggest difficulty is that you know the truth but dare not mention it. To put it bluntly, you are running away. Dude, take off the mask and let's do it all over again. This may be the film's greatest inspiration to us.

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The Answer Man quotes

  • Elizabeth: Now I only have three rules: don't take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with, try not to do something you can't take back, and something is what it is and it's not something else.

    Arlen Faber: I forget my rule, but I think it has something to do with Square Dancing.

  • Arlen Faber: You know what He says.

    [points upward]

    Elizabeth: No, I sure don't.

    Arlen Faber: For you and you alone I have made this place, kaleidoscope of wonder to keep your eye upon as I turn turn the world.