Life is not like a movie, you can see the ending in more than an hour.

Darren 2022-07-07 12:14:57

"I'm afraid"
"Me too. But I won't be afraid to try."

----"Never Talk to Strangers"

can be said to be a suspense drama, a film that explores or shows dual personality disorder. Since I have seen many similar plots, there is no suspense for me. Just as a rookie to pass the time. It has nothing to do with the plot and ending of the film, nor does it have much to do with the slogan of the film "In a world where love isn't always safe, trust can be deadly." I just want to say that it is difficult for people to trust strangers of. Especially in this era full of indifference and vigilance, love is more difficult to occur and maintain. Everyone is carefully speculating on the psychology of their lover, but they forget that when facing their lover, they must have a warm smile, a brave embrace and a heart of faith and love.

If love is the greatest emotion in the world, the magic weapon that sends oneself into the arms of another person to have another strange world and a better life, then the fear of contacting strangers is the biggest stumbling block. Some people say that love is easy to get along with, I think that overcoming the fear of love is the watershed between passionate love and tender love.

Back to the plot, in order to show the dual personality disorder, the director handled the plot a bit recklessly and hastily at the end. It is precisely because of this that this film is at best known as a suspense drama, and the director is not sure about exploring deeper content.

If life is like a play and neither you nor I are directors, then the ending is not something you and I can control. However, I hope we can cooperate with each other, no matter how the ending, I hope you and I continue to play. Because of love, you will change from a STRANGER to my PARTNER.

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