She looks beautiful, but she is actually a beast!

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I've always thought Rebecca De Mornay was a very charming actress. She was active in the 1990s and successfully starred in a series of thriller films, such as "The Hand That Shakes the Cradle", "The Trembling Conspiracy", etc., as well as "Don't Talk to Strangers" to be introduced today. Rebecca is particularly good at playing a woman who looks gentle but is actually fierce. Every time she turns her face in the movie, it makes the audience shudder. Because of this, she got the role of Lady Derwent, the beautiful snake in the 1993 version of "The Three Musketeers." This version was tepid, but Rebecca's performance in it was impressive.

Although she has never been a big hit, Rebecca's acting skills are obvious to all. She is by no means a flesh bomb porn star, although she is charming as soon as she appears. No matter how old-fashioned the plot is, she alone can hold up a movie. The same is true of the film "Don't Talk to Strangers".

Sarah, played by Rebecca, is a psychiatrist who specializes in psychiatric identification of criminals to see if they have intermittent schizophrenia and whether they pay full criminal responsibility. She had just ended a relationship, she had a suitor, and the two "tried" once, but it was clearly not to her taste. She waited for a shovel to conquer her. The film begins with the salty and wet taste of a coming-of-age novel.

One day, Sarah went to the supermarket and was stared at by the Latin handsome Banderas. Banderas plays Tony, who is sexy and seductive, and Sarah gives him her phone number after he is chasing him. On the first date night, Sarah went to Tony's house, and the two were madly intertwined.

Suddenly, Sarah was uncharacteristically wild, turned her back on the defensive, put Tony on the barbed wire, and willfully teased his nerves. Sarah playfully bit Tony's buttocks and conquered Tony with the female superior.

This scene is very tempting and fully demonstrates the beautiful bodies of Rebecca and Banderas. This scene alone is worth the ticket price.

After the passion, many strange things happened in Rebecca's life, such as receiving a bunch of withered flowers, her beloved cat was killed, Yuba was unscrewed and wanted to electrocute her, etc. What's going on? ? Is Tony a perverted stranger?

Rebecca's father also came suddenly, but was refused to entertain, as if Rebecca and his father also had an unspeakable past.

The mystery unfolds step by step...
Sarah's dark past is at the heart of this psychological thriller. Schizophrenia is a mental illness. The root cause of the disease is often that the person has been sexually assaulted and abused when he was a child. In order to escape reality, he splits into a personality and takes all the bad things from the imaginary personality.

Sarah was unfortunately sexually abused by her father when she was young. After being discovered by her mother, she quarreled with her father and was unfortunately pushed down the stairs by her father. Sarah's father let Sarah take a gun to kill her mother, and actually grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled the trigger! The shadow of childhood subtly changed Sarah's personality, making her split into a bad side.

Sexy Latin guy Tony also has no purpose to approach Sarah. It turned out that he was entrusted by Sarah's ex-boyfriend's family to investigate his whereabouts. Sarah has been claiming that his ex left her without saying goodbye, but she actually killed her. Tony secretly placed surveillance at Sarah's house and found that all the bad things were done by Sarah herself. She turned into a hideous woman when she turned her face, which made people shudder.

Tony forced Sarah to watch the surveillance, Sarah smashed the TV in a rage, scolding "this is a damn scam"! Her evil personality immediately took over her beautiful body.

At this time, Sarah's father did not expect to arrive, it seems that the time has come to settle the accounts. Sarah pointed her gun at the two men. Tony thought he could persuade Sarah to put down her weapon and threw away his gun first, but Sarah beat him to death without hesitation, kicked the corpse wildly, and scolded: "You and my ex-boyfriend, and the world Just like any other stinky man!"

Sarah then sent her perverted dad to the West, and set up the crime scene. She is well versed in criminology and easily described Tony as a pervert. He shot dead with his father in a dispute and had nothing to do with her.

A criminal with a split personality like Sarah is actually the most dangerous person, but it is a pity that the overconfident Tony has innocently become another victim of her. When Banderas first entered Hollywood to take over the play, he was treated more as a male vase. After playing with Rebecca, he ruthlessly killed him. The end was really miserable.

The film's director, Sir Peter Hall, was the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company before succeeding Lawrence Oliver as the director of the National Theatre. His achievements on the theatrical stage have been fruitful and he has won two Tony Awards. Peter has collaborated with almost all the famous big directors, "from Bergman [Ingmar Bergman] to Zeffirelli [Franco Zeffirelli]", but he does not have many films directed by himself. This film is also his last film. In 2011, he suffered from Alzheimer's disease and withdrew from the public eye. He is 86 years old this year. ps: He is also the father of actress Rebecca Hall.

Without her father's constant support, Rebecca wouldn't be where she is today. I still prefer Rebecca De Mornay, even though she's 57 this year. The sensuality and danger, tenderness and fierceness that her body exudes at the same time, that kind of temperament is unparalleled so far.

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