The deep affection in my heart is indelible. Once lost, it is really difficult to open the scars

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A comedy about family redemption, let you feel everything brought about by family under the casual cold humor.

Chris and Alan's first meeting

Alex's dad Chris' dad Alan's dad They're all hurt because of this, sad, Alex was pushed out by the teacher, didn't pay attention to class, deserted, Alex's mom wasn't going to tell her son, your dad isn't coming back , In fact, Alex's child's intuition has already noticed the abnormality. It's wrong to lie to the child like this. After Allen found out, he has a set of his own understanding of the child's education. It is necessary to give the child confidence without too much pressure. I know, in turn, when Chris came over to seek Allen's help and comfort, but got no response, Allen didn't say a word throughout the whole process, because he was a child himself when talking about his father. Lun used to live in a house with his father. After his death, there are still traces of his father's life in the room. The room sign and a piano. At Allen's house, he was comforted by the hostess and said that he cried and collapsed. With the massage of the hostess, Chris was cured. Finally, with Allen's sponsorship of his bookstore, he returned to the track of normal life. The courier at the beginning was so funny. In fact, he existed. It was a direct meeting between Chris and Alan, and the two had a spiritual communication.

Needless to say, the meeting between the heroine and Alan, at the very beginning of the film, the meeting between the heroine and Chris was through Alan. In fact, Alan did not unravel Chris's true and most fundamental heart, his father, the situation of the bookstore. , In the end, it was the heroine who really entered his heart and opened it up. In fact, Alan, the heroine, and Chris, the three of them, talked to each other about each other's spiritual mentors. Finally, they could say that they all understood! Alan guides the heroine and teaches the children not to do this. The child is the heroine's heart and flesh. Chris is cured by the heroine. Through Chris, Alan is cured, and a couple can truly return to life itself, not with anything God communicates. Just communicate with your heart. We are our own God, and we can be saved by believing in ourselves.

It is worth mentioning that the film's photography techniques, excessive scenes, and the filming of characters' dialogues are very good. Also, the use of BGM, although I can't find any use, but each one is just right, igniting the small part of the film. The climax, and the appearance of every actor in the show is online, the heroine Aaron Chris Max, the little girl who sells books, the courier, the mean teacher Terri (haha, when it comes to Terri, I was lying with Alan at the beginning. The confrontation when I can't get up on the ground is very cute. At the end of the film, I heard Aaron tell the truth, that expression, hahaha, the inner OS Aaron, what are you talking about?_?) Alex, the most important thing is , they all have acting skills, ah ah, because of this film, because of Lou taylor pucci's acting skills and good looks, after watching his "Luke's Story", his acting skills are like an explosion! Playing an autistic patient, how difficult it is to play, the demeanor, the action, the tone of speech, this film is also very beautiful, and it is worth thinking about its connotation.

Luke, known as idiot, is looking for a job

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