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Kasey 2022-07-09 15:23:43

My introduction may be a bit wordy, but after watching this movie for the first time, I realized that some things can be subverted by some people.
"In the Darkness" tells the story of a punk singer Yolanda in love The story of terrified fleeing to a Catholic group of nuns after being questioned by police after she died from a drug overdose. This group of nuns that sheltered Yolanda was founded by a wealthy lady, and it was named "HUMBLEREDEEMERS", which specially accommodated and helped drug addicts, prostitutes, female murderers, etc." Problem Women", however, has been without new members for a long time. And these "saviours" (nuns) who are enthusiastic about public welfare include: in order to keep the "sinners" in residence, the nun injects heroin for her and satisfies everything she asks, and she herself is an addict, or is she still an addict? A lesbian (she's in love with Yolanda), who has Hollywood actress posters plastered on the walls in her room; Nun Armor has a gruff voice and a huge smile, and she's the middle of a trio of singing nuns One, who sang with a small drum around his waist, kept a tiger as a pet, and often played drums for it; the nuns have been specially modeled after the girls who once lived in the "Humble Savior", A writer of erotic novels; the cook's nun C, a former murderer who also lived in the asylum of a nunnery, is grateful to the elder nun who would even do anything for her; nun D designs spooky costumes, and her lover is a priest.
These nuns sell drugs, fall in love, quarrel, sing, etc., and have their own desires to help women in need in their own unique ways, which are different from traditional religious methods. The image of the nuns in the film is completely subverted, turning the image of "noble and pure" in people's impressions into lustful and rebellious, but what remains unchanged is that they are still eager to help those who need to be rescued. The ending is sad and thought-provoking. After the wealthy woman cut off funding, the "Humble Savior" had to be disbanded, the nuns had to leave, and the head nun had to separate from Yolanda. It can be said that Yolanta's betrayal caused the disbandment of the nun. Some viewers would think that Yolanda was simply an ungrateful person who betrayed her coldly even when the nun treated her so well. Everyone has a selfish side. Yolanta used drugs to control her in the monastery because of the nun's admiration for her. She couldn't refuse everything the nun prepared for her, she couldn't resist, she could only accept it. Anyone longs for freedom, Yolanda is not obliged to live under the almost morbid admiration of the nun, she betrayed the nun under the condition of sympathy for a rich woman who misses her daughter, and successfully escaping this is like a The nun of the invisible prison. Yolanta has its sympathy. Almodovar's portrayal of Yolanda as good and evil fully reflects the duality of human nature. The head nun is also a very good example. Obligation to get rid of the crisis that the nun will not be dissolved, and even threaten the countess with despicable means to continue to fund the monastery. For the nun, this method is a last resort. It's just that the nun used the countess's love for her daughter as a bargaining chip, and she used drugs to please her favorite singer, Yolanta. After leaving with the countess, her desperate cry made people feel deeply sympathetic. At this time, she had completely removed the nun's sacred clothes and was just a poor betrayal.

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