What is the Chinese translation name of this!

Orin 2022-09-19 15:12:07

Original name: Te Doy Me Ojos
The plot is not much to say, it is all about the woman who endured the abuse of this man. From the beginning of fear to giving the man a chance and finally running away The story is simple but there are many
problems to explain
I don't know what I want 2. This man is afraid of losing this woman, but he is
arrogant and never apologizes
3. Ignorance
4. He doesn't know how to express his feelings at the time
6. The book for recording his mood was actually very useful, but the incompetent husband finally threw it away. In fact, he should die, but he dared not

say that both of them were ignorant. The ignorance of that man made me The kind that feel degraded for decades
and the woman doesn't know how to defend her rights is actually really resentful The kind that she talked to her sister in the first place, she endured everything on her own The kind of person who feels like she's suffering a lot just starts talking to some people who have a good life It will be very defensive. In fact, that sister just wants to help her, but she is ignorant... I

still hope that as a woman, I can enrich my head. Many times these things are brought up by themselves. This kind of man is also brought up by himself...

Last point: The heroine's acting is so good! !

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