It's not about domestic violence, it's about orgasm

Kennith 2022-09-19 18:06:32

I remembered something Betty said to me a few years ago: After watching the uncensored version of Lust, Caution, I finally understand why Wang Jiazhi fell in love with Mr. Yi. "Memories of Murder", formerly called "Take My Eyes", was translated in this way for some reason, and finally saw the Spanish film at the Spanish Cultural Center, and the students in the Spanish corner seemed very excited. A very realistic domestic violence film, but after watching it, I want to say that it has nothing to do with domestic violence, but about the climax. Is the reason why a woman accepts man's mania, bad temper, violence and bullying because she can't live without him? The answer is no, it is precisely because there are a type of men who are sensitive and a little neurotic. In real life, they cannot rely on attachment and give them the worst emotional performance, but God is fair, but also gave them In the most meticulous inner world, they are lonely and silent, but they love life. They cherish emotions and know how to give. They can give women the most patient comfort and orgasm. This type of man is very scary. Once a woman is infected, it is difficult to quit. Just like the plot in the film, he will text her every day, visit her, hold her in his arms, and bring her to his son. Favorite toys, will give her a pair of earrings, a picture book she loves, will apologize, take the initiative to seek help from a psychiatrist, these are all tempting drugs. However, at the end of the film, it is still very mainstream to choose her to leave him, but her mother's experience also leads to another possibility: in fact, every man needs a woman's patience, and a woman needs to be treated in the most tender way. If you lose yourself because of this, it is a woman's misfortune, but the best result is to help him slowly desensitize. If you spend your whole life loving and tolerant, you will gain not only the gratitude of the man, but also the gratitude of the man. It is the great energy produced by the mutual dissolution of two hearts, and it will allow you to enjoy an orgasm that is difficult to experience in other types of men.

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