nuns are crazy

Evie 2022-07-09 15:49:37

This early work of Almodóvar made me drowsy, paused several times, got up and stretched my muscles a bit before I had the energy to finish the film.
All I can say is that Almodovar did not care about the feelings of the audience during the filming of this film, and at least he didn't tell the story clearly. Maybe I didn't understand it well. his personal style.
On the other hand, in his middle and late works, the stories are all very dramatic and moving.
Thirty-two-year-old Almodóvar's mind was full of anger, full of poignant irony about religion.
His recent work, Bad Education, is much milder than Dark Habits, which are full of hypocritical, depraved, greedy "sisters" who decorate the monastery with a smoky haze the gathering place of the criminals. A monastery, which means "Peace Hotel", houses all former sinners. Before they had time to redeem themselves, they began to save others out of shame.
At this time, Almodovar paid less attention to the fate of women than he was eager to express the social consciousness, so it seemed too arrogant. And maybe everyone, like me, likes more, the emotional Almodovar.
In his later works, there is always a rare tender emotion hidden under his usual extreme elements, which is completely invisible here.
The only thing I can remember after the film is the scene where the nuns are taking heroin frantically, which is commonplace, which shows that the market price of heroin in Madrid is very low.
And the tiger that was tamed by the nun was the least tiger temperament I've ever seen. I don’t know how the tigers will feel when they watch it, it will definitely be as uncomfortable as we watch a martial arts film by a certain master in the mainland.

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