"Domestic Violence"

Carleton 2022-09-19 19:35:54

I saw this movie once a long time ago because of the accidental relationship. I originally wanted the Korean movie "Memories of Murder", but the owner of the online store sent me such a Spanish domestic violence movie. Since it has been sent, I have not returned it. While watching this movie, I was always amazed by the plumpness and beauty of Spanish women, the man who seemed to be submissive, was most intimidating when his fists didn't drop. He and the heroine faced each other across the iron gate. In the end, he couldn't bear to roar like a beast. His fake face was torn apart by anger, just like a violent man. Whether the mental illness is so difficult to overcome is almost an eternal proposition. Because the mind controls the mind. There are actually some fragrant scenes in the movie, but they pass by in a hurry, but they are enough to make people memorable.

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